Moisture Level Readings

TRI a dedicated moisture meter for concrete – Concrete Encounter CME4. The instrument operates on the principal that the electrical impedance of a material varies in proportion to its moisture content. The electrical impedance is measured by creating a low frequency alternating electric field between the electrodes and the surface of the area it is testing.
This field penetrates approximately 25-30mm of concrete under test. The very small alternating current flowing through the field is inversely proportional to the impedance of the material. The instrument detects this current, determines its amplitude and thus derives the moisture value.
Testing procedures
Make sure that the floor slab being tested is clean and bare and free from dust / dirt.
Turn on the moisture meter and press the instrument directly onto the surface of the material being tested ensuring that all of the electrode spring loaded pins are fully compressed. Read the moisture meter on the outer scale. 5.5% or below is considered a dry concrete slab.
On a rough surface, take a number of readings in close proximity to one another. If the readings vary, always use the one with the highest value.
On a smooth surface it is also recommended that a number of tests in close proximity to each other be carried out, as the distribution of moisture tends to become erratic as concrete dries out. Use only the highest reading.

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