Content Cleaning & Restoration

Content removal, relocation, cleaning, and restoration can be necessary to re-mediate numerous situations. Especially in the event of smoke and fire damage, it is often the better choice in security, cost-efficiency, and restoration to have contents moved to a separate facility to complete restoration.

Contents Cleaning and Pack-Out

TRI Services appreciates the value of our customers’ belongings, and for this reason we offer complete pack-out services.

When using TRI Services for your pack-out needs, we guarantee:

• Meticulous documentation and inventory of belongings to ensure the best possible care and restoration.
• The use of identification numbers and detailed checklists to guarantee safety and security of assets.
• Availability of photo documentation in the unfortunate loss of photographs.


Although items are stored in an off-site facility, TRI Services customers can rest assured knowing their assets are secure in a climate-controlled environment. The items remain at this facility until cleaning and restoration are complete, guaranteeing the safety as well as the condition of property.

Cleaning and Restoration

TRI Services understands that valuable possessions, irreplaceable family treasures, and retail inventory are critical components of damage restoration operations. We will continue to guarantee the careful handling and restoration of these items, and will bring them as close to pre-loss condition as possible.

We use a variety of content cleaning and restoration equipment and processes. Our methods are determined by expert inspection of the items in need of restoration (including but not limited to: material, composition, durability, damage cause, and known reaction to restoration processes). The equipment and methods we use include, but are not limited to:

• Specialized drying chambers
• Ultrasonic cleansing
• Launder/dry cleaning
• Spray and wipe
• Immersion cleaning
• Ozone treatment
• Air duct cleaning
• Deodorization

Content Return

Upon completion of cleansing and restoration, items are returned to the property using corresponding methods and documentation. Property is loaded, transported, and delivered with care, then reconciled using original pack-out inventories.

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